The 3-day event filled with knowledge and networking opportunities

November 12-14, 2015

Ameristar Casino & Resort
One Ameristar Blvd
St. Charles, MO 63301 (Map)

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Azure Machine Learning for Fun and Profit

Speaker(s): Jennifer Marsman
Cost: $85.00

During this precompiler, you will receive training on Azure Machine Learning. Then, you will have the opportunity to exercise your new skills in a focused way by tackling one of the challenges at Predict whether a given individual on the Titanic survived, or help real businesses solve their toughest problems with machine learning (and potentially win cash prizes!). You will walk away with solid hands-on machine learning experience on Azure.

Becoming an Azure Certified Architect

Speaker(s): Brian Blanchard
Cost: $85.00

94% of CIOs are looking for technical people with Azure skills. Less than 52% of them have candidates with these skills. In this pre-compiler, we will help prepare you for the broad spectrum of topics needed to be an Azure architect. Using the current Azure Microsoft certifications AND real-world experience as a guide, the 10th Magnitude team will help you pass the cert & fill the role of Azure Architect. In this full day pre-compiler, our practice leaders will guide you through deep dives on the following topics critical to passing the certification: * Design & Implement Websites in Azure * Create & manage VMs to host your applications * Architect & Deploy Cloud services * Application Security Access & Identity * Storage Strategy * App & Network Services * Application storage & Data access * Management, monitoring, & business continuity By the end of the day, you will be much better prepared to pass your Azure Certification Exams.

Building Rich Web Applications with AngularJS, Bootstrap, and ASP.NET MVC

Speaker(s): Kevin Grossnicklaus
Cost: $85.00   (SOLD OUT)

Like many of you we find ourselves constantly pushing the boundary of what types of applications can be built for the modern web. Computers are faster, general internet availability is faster and more readily available, and much more can be done via HTML and JavaScript. With this in mind we are constantly looking for better architectures and frameworks to streamline how we write applications and provide solutions for our clients and our products. Today’s web architectures are becoming increasingly more complex with an increasing amount of code being written in JavaScript and less in a managed language like C# or VB.NET. Plus, a multitude of JavaScript libraries and frameworks are gaining adoption to simplify certain pieces of the puzzle. Buzzwords like Single Page Apps (SPA’s) and Responsive are working their way into various discussions and mean radically different things to different people Rather than start with an “Introduction to MVC” this talk is meant for Intermediate to Advanced web developers who want to see it all put together in something ready for production.

Throughout the course of this session attendees will get a walk through building a very modern web architecture including:

  • ASP.NET MVC and C# for all server-side development and API implementations

  • Twitter’s Bootstrap as a foundation for very dynamic and responsive user interfaces

  • AnglularJS as a powerful client-side JavaScript MVC framework to greatly simplify development

  • Utilizing the common API between the web client and native mobile clients via Xamarin’s development frameworks

  • Developing frameworks used by companies in financial sector, such as payday loans companies or instant installment loan providers who rely on technology to offer better lending services such as payday loans and cash advances.

While the focus will be on the above technologies and putting them to use in making your web development more productive and stable we will also spend a lot of time sharing tips on JavaScript in general and how to set up a robust .NET API using ASP.NET MVC.  

If you have heard the buzz surrounding AngularJS then this all day session will be a great deep dive into what it is and how you can start utilizing it today.   This talk also facilitates a lot of discussion and other ideas from both the speaker and the audience so be prepared to be involved and to get your questions answered.

From Zero to TDD in a Day

Speaker(s): James Bender
Cost: $85.00

Test Driven Development (TDD) means freedom. The ability to bake quality into your application as you develop it can change the way you think about software frees you from the fear of creating applications that are brittle and don't respond well to change. It affects the way we approach, design and write applications. Test Driven Development is powerful. Yet many developers allow themselves to be intimidated by what they perceive as added complexity.

This one-day boot camp will get you started down the road to TDD mastery. We’ll start with an overview of the concepts and benefits of test-first development with some simple hands-on examples. We’ll also cover some more complicated topics such and Dependency Injection, Mocking and philosophies of software craftsmanship.

To participate in the hands-on sections of the session you will need a laptop with the following software Visual Studio 2012 or later (any sku) and SQL Server Express (any recent version). Resharper is recommended but not required.

Introduction to Game Development and Prototyping with Unity3D

Speaker(s): David Churchill, Caitlin O'Toole, Dorie Davis, Ken Schlobohm, Paige Gentry
Cost: $85.00

Video games have come a long way from the blocks, bleeps, and bloops of their roots. They have grown exponentially both in expression and audience. The technological barrier of entry into the industry of video games is fading as new tools enter the scene to remove the burden of constantly reinventing the wheel so the true creative process of game design can remain the central focus. In this workshop we will explore one such tool, Unity3D, and learn how easy it can be to rapidly build and tweak prototypes. Prototyping in this fashion ultimately leads to games spawned from and refined by idea exploration, avoiding the stifling limitations of bulky frameworks and steep learning curves. We will develop a game from the ground up in C# using Unity3D and Visual Studio (or the included MonoDevelop environment if you perfer). Feel free to bring your own game pads, joysticks, or any form of HID that Windows recognizes as a standard game controller.

Objectives/Takeaways attendees will get from this precompiler:

  • Familiarity with the Unity3D interface and workflow
  • How to user Visual Studio to write component code and debug Unity projects
  • How to incorporate external assets and input hardward

Prerequisites that attendees need for this precompiler:

  • Basic familiarity with C# and Object Oriented Programming
  • Unity3D 5.2 or greater (Personal Edition)
  • Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 (2015 Community is included with Unity3D 5.2+ installer)
  • Download links and instructions will be sent to attendees before the session, and flash drives with installers will also be provided at the session

Rock Your Code and Applications with dotNetDave

Speaker(s): David McCarter

Cost: $85.00

This workshop will guide any level of programmer to greater productivity by providing the information needed to write consistent, maintainable, rock solid code. This workshop will start off by teaching common .NET coding standards (including a section to see how much that audience knows on the subject). The next section will teach defensive programming so that you will greatly decrease the number of support tickets you receive from QA. The next section will continue with defensive programming by introducing code contracts that will make it much easier to practice solid encapsulation techniques. The final section will go over 10+ issues that I see all the time with modern applications. Along the way of this workshop we will be reviewing code submitted by attendees to go over the good and possible issues. By the end of this workshop you will be on your way to writing rock solid code that will impress your boss and users. Much of this workshop is based on one of my latest books, David McCarter's .NET Coding Standards which can be pre-purchased by go here:

Objectives/Takeaways attendees will get from this precompiler:

  •  When attendees go back to work, they will have the knowledge on how to write bulletproof code and applications as good as dotNetDave.
  • Attendees will learn how to properly implement object oriented programming to prevent a “house of cards”.
  • Attendees will learn to properly implement application architecture, logging, preventing exceptions, speed up their applications and making their code more reusable.
  • Attendees will also learn how to analyze their code for problems and more. 

Prerequisites that attendees need for this precompiler: