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November 12-14, 2015

Ameristar Casino & Resort
One Ameristar Blvd
St. Charles, MO 63301 (Map)

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Don't Forget the Middle-Tier: Pragmatic Middle-Tier Design

In the age of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the constant debate on whether monolithic or micro services might be the best design path, let’s not forget middle-tier design, which is foundational to varied frontends and should support any service layer. During this session we’ll take a survey of some of the commonly used middle-tier design patterns, evaluate use cases for these patterns, and discuss pros and cons to using one pattern (or combination of patterns) over another. Once we’ve reviewed these patterns, we’ll overlay Domain-Driven Design concepts and discuss which patterns work best when bounding business models into business domains. Lastly, we’ll take a pragmatic view of the UML with which you should be familiar in order to complete a formal, middle-tier design.

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: John Gobble

Topics: Architecture Practices