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November 12-14, 2015

Ameristar Casino & Resort
One Ameristar Blvd
St. Charles, MO 63301 (Map)

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Create Geospatial Applications with SQL Server, .NET, and the Entity Framework

What are your nearest stores to somebody’s current location? Which policy holders are within 10 miles of a given storm’s track? What percentage of the raw materials in your product was harvested within 500 miles of a construction site? How many photovoltaic arrays can be fit on a given property to maximize the amount of electricity produced? These are all interesting questions that can be answered by querying and manipulating geospatial data. If you need to add geospatial capabilities to a .NET application, then there is a compelling story to utilize SQL Server and the geospatial capabilities of Entity Framework. In this session, you will learn some foundational spatial concepts, and then see how to apply them in code.

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Jason Follas

Topics: Database/SQL   Entity Framework