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November 12-14, 2015

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Animate all the Things!

Perhaps you’re working on a HTML5 game, or maybe you just want to add a bit of flare to an otherwise boring web page. Animations (even subtle ones) are an essential part of the user experience in today’s web landscape. But, if you’ve never worked with Tweens and Easings before, then jumping into animations may be a bit intimidating. This session will demonstrate how easy it is to create animations on your web page, from the out-of-the-box CSS3 Transitions and Animations, to the powerful (and fast and fluid) GreenSock Animation Platform for more complex and choreographed scenarios. You will leave with a sense for what is possible with animation in HTML5, and which implementation is best for various animation scenarios.

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Jason Follas

Topics: HTML5   User Experience