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November 12-14, 2015

Ameristar Casino & Resort
One Ameristar Blvd
St. Charles, MO 63301 (Map)

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Electronics 101 for IoT Developers

Making the leap in to IoT development used to be riddled with obstacles, ranging from choices of programming languages to cost and features of development boards to the pain of getting these devices and your development machines imaged and set up for development. Most of these obstacles have been addressed by the growing community of IoT manufacturers and developers. The main barrier to entry now seems to be a basic understanding of electricity and electronics. Reading a component's data sheet can be scary, and many people are just hopelessly confused when things like current, voltage and resistance become important to the fate of a project. As a Physics major in college, I learned more about electricity and magnetism and electronics than I ever thought I'd use. As an IoT development, I've now found that a lot of this information is proving very useful. In this session, I'll relay the basics of electricity and electronics to help make this part of the IoT world a little less intimidating.

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Adam Barney

Topics: IoT