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How to Not Suck at Unit Tests

How to Not Suck at Unit Tests We're told that good devs write unit tests, so we read a couple of tutorials and start writing assertions left and right. We're feeling good. We're in the Red, Green, Refactor groove while listening to German techno. We then make a change to our code a few tests fail. "No problem" we say. We take a few minutes update our tests and then move on. We then pull from version control and find someone has broken more of our tests. We sigh, fix the tests, and move on. Fast forward to the deadline rush and now there's a hundred tests failing... and it's been that way for weeks... and no one cares... How did we end up here? In this presentation, Ben Bishop from Rendr will share the mistakes most developers make trying to embrace Test Driven Development and Unit Testing in general. While highlighting these mistakes, Ben will also offer experiences on how to solve these issues.

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Ben Bishop

Topics: Development Practices