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November 12-14, 2015

Ameristar Casino & Resort
One Ameristar Blvd
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Full Stack REST with ASP.NET 5, React.js and React Native

Designing and consuming web APIs is simple, but hypermedia-rich REST APIs can be daunting. Hypermedia breaks the client-server coupling, allowing clients to adapt and react to instructions from a REST API. This is where most developers abandon hypermedia, when the effort of building client consumers becomes apparent. However, the React.js immutable and component-based design are perfect for the interaction model of REST and hypermedia. In this session, we'll look at end-to-end REST, from building out a server API serving hypermedia-rich responses to clients in the browser consuming the API to build truly reactive clients. We'll end bringing the power of React Native's approach to native mobile development to the flexibility of hypermedia APIs.

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Jimmy Bogard

Topics: ASP.NET   JavaScript