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November 12-14, 2015

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Be a Data Liberator with Power BI

Do you want to be the hero that liberates your team's data with first class visualizations in less than an hour? This session will show you how to do it. Power BI is a full offering that allows you to scrub and transform your messy data into something that is consumable, mash up relational and non-relational sources, perform complex calculations, and allow you to visualize data in a way that you are unable to do in any other tool... This session will be demo heavy as we explore the core functionality of Power BI as well as show how real time dashboards can be achieved by integrating advanced analytics scenarios of Azure. We will also show the extensibility of Power BI via open source D3 visualization libraries that allow you to customize the user experience. If you want to be a data liberator, you should attend this session...

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Steve Howard

Topics: Azure & Cloud   Database/SQL