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Visual Studio

A Look at Team Foundation Server 2015 Build vNext

Team Foundation Server (TFS) has a powerful build system for years. Nevertheless, the next version of TFS will introduce a completely new system. Wondering what this is about and why (again) belongs t ... more

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Paul Hacker

Topics: Cross-Platform   Visual Studio  

A Practical View of Release Management for Visual Studio 2015

This session provides a detailed technical presentation of the functionality and architecture of Release Management for Visual Studio 2015. We start by presenting an overview of the key concepts, arch ... more

Level: Advanced

Speaker: Paul Hacker

Topics: DevOps   Visual Studio  

Advanced Visual Studio for Beginners

Visual Studio 2015 in all its varients is a powerful tool that most developers use only a fraction of. In this talk we will explore all the little features that distinguishes Visual Studio as the indu ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Bryan Roberts

Topics: Visual Studio  

Arduino Programming with Visual Studio 2015

The Arduino family of microcontrollers is a big player in the Maker movement. These simple, cheap, open-source microcontroller boards enable the rapid prototyping of projects. They will probably get e ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Matthew Heironimus

Topics: IoT   Visual Studio  

Build Awesome Mobile Apps With Visual Studio, HTML5 and the Ionic Framework

We all know how important it is to have a native mobile app for your business these days. In the past, shipping an app on multiple mobile platforms either required separate codebases, kludgy write-onc ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Mike Hamilton

Topics: Cross-Platform   HTML5   Visual Studio  

Building the Next Generation of MVC Applications on ASP.NET 5.0

ASP.NET 5.0 is Microsoft's biggest and boldest change to its web development stack since ASP.NET replaced Classic ASP. Many of the core skills you have with MVC, Web API and SignalR will carry forward ... more

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Adam Barney

Topics: ASP.NET   MVC   Visual Studio  

Continuous Delivery & Operational Visibility

Leverage the capabilities of the cloud to enable Continuous Delivery. Continuous delivery, however, is more than just the rapid development, testing, and deployment of application features. It also i ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: R. Michael Querimit

Topics: Azure & Cloud   DevOps   Visual Studio  

Database Projects in Visual Studio

Simplify coordination of changes across multiple teams, environments, applications, and projects. While storing all iterations of changes in a version control system. I will be talking about the featu ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Ronnie Hicks

Topics: Database/SQL   Visual Studio  

Mind the Gap: Building Cross Platform Applications in Visual Studio 2015

This is a session that will dive into building cross platform mobile applications using Visual Studio 2015 with Cordova. I will cover creating Cordova applications, access device features such as the ... more

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Jeffrey St. Germain

Topics: Cross-Platform   Visual Studio   Web Services  

Refactoring CSS with Sass & Compass

Does your CSS code remind you of an episode of Hoarders? In this session we'll look at how to apply back-end development principles like OOP, DRY, SoC, and Encapsulation to CSS using Sass and Compass. ... more

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Ed Charbeneau

Topics: HTML5   MVC   Visual Studio  

ReSharper: Discover the Secrets

Whether you’re new to ReSharper or have been using it for years, there are a host of lesser-known features that can save you loads of time. ReSharper is used by a growing number of developers to speed ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Ondrej Balas

Topics: Development Practices   Visual Studio  

Start Up and Git Done: Using Visual Studio Online

Want to change the world? Make a lot of money? Preferably both? For a limited time only, I'm offering a few lucky individuals the opportunity to invest in my exciting new startup! The official details ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Jeff McKenzie

Topics: Visual Studio  

TFS & GIT: How to Enable Remote Teams To Work Efficiently

Git is a free version control system known for its speed, reliability, and non-linear development model. Created by Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux), Git is a distributed version control tool whereas ... more

Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Derrick Cawthon

Topics: DevOps   Visual Studio  

What's new in C# 6.0 and Visual Studio 2015

With a new Visual Studio, a new iteration of the C# language is also released. Both are refinements of their prior versions, but it is always nice to know what are the new things that Microsoft have p ... more

Level: Beginner

Speaker: Muljadi Budiman

Topics: C#/Language   Visual Studio